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Dedication to Serve All

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  • Client Centered Approach

    At JMMT, we believe in meeting your loved ones where they are to support them and their goals. 

  • Person First

    An individual is not simply a label or diagnosis. Treatment is focused on helping your loved one live their fullest life and celebrating their strengths and differences.


What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is the use of music to reach non-musical goals in a fun and approachable way. Non-music goals can include skills such as academic skills, motor skills, speech/communication skills, social emotional skills, and much more.

While it may just look like a lot of fun, a board-certified music therapist is trained to use clinical & evidence-based music interventions to meet the unique and individualized goals of the individuals they treat.

Who is Eligible?

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A Music Therapist Has...

A bachelor's degree or higher in music therapy from a four year university with an accredited program.

A minimum of 1200 hours of supervised clinical training from an approved internship site.

The credential, MT-BC (music therapist - board certified), earned by passing the CBMT examination.

Music Therapy Services Offered:



An assessment is conducted to determine if music therapy will be appropriate and beneficial for the prospective client. Assessments are 1.5 - 2 hours in length. Client background information is gathered within the first half-hour to hour; the remaining hour to hour and a half is spent taking part in music therapy interventions. Following the assessment, a written assessment report will be sent to the responsible party within 2 weeks. Scheduling for continuing music therapy services will be determined following the assessment if the client qualifies.

student doing piano lessons

Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted lessons may include instructional or physical adaptations. Instructional and physical adaptations may include but are not limited to: the use of a visual schedule, flexible session flow (10 minutes of instrument playing followed by 5 minutes of movement to music, etc.), color-coded or large-print music, enlarged guitar picks, and alternate guitar tunings.

Man playing guitar beside older adult

Individual Sessions

Individual one-on-one sessions in which the music therapist provides direct care to the client. Client goals are addressed utilizing music therapy interventions that are individualized, measurable, and data-based. Individual sessions may be a half-hour, 50 minutes, one and a half hours, or two hours in length.

Group playing percussion

Group Sessions

In group sessions, the music therapist provides direct care to multiple clients with similar needs. Group sessions are ideal facilities such as assisted living and memory care, as well as support groups. Group music therapy provides an opportunity for socialization, emotional support, and physical movement utilizing music therapy techniques.

Jordan Menczywor-McMahon, MMT, MT-BC

Meet Jordan!

Jordan Menczywor-McMahon, MMT, MT-BC is a board certified music therapist (#16506) with clinical experience working with children, teens, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities within various educational settings, adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as pediatrics. She has experience with providing music therapy and adapted music lessons virtually as well as in person. Before starting her music therapy career, Jordan has worked in the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit and step-down unit as a patient care technician.

Jordan is originally from Illinois and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Music from Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL. She completed her Master’s in Music Therapy equivalency coursework at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX with voice as her primary instrument and graduated with her MMT in May 2021. Jordan completed her internship with Heart & Harmony in the spring of 2021 where she worked with children and young adults with
intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her internship was completed 100% virtually! She is also a member of the American Music Therapy Association.

When not singing or playing music, Jordan can be found outside exploring nature, paddle boarding, or spending time with her husband and dog.

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